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Art in Diversity 2014

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14 May 2014

Community broadcasting funding maintained in Federal Budget!

The Federal Government has seen reason and maintained the bipartisan commitment to community broadcasting with $17.7 million announced in last night’s budget.

The National Ethnic and Multicultural Broadcasters’ Council would like to thank all its members who participated in the campaign and everyone else who gave their support. In one week the NEMBC received 1278 signatures for our petition to save ethnic community radio, with many ethnic broadcasters and listeners commenting with their personal stories.

‘This budget announcement shows a commitment to the established ethnic communities that have toiled long and hard to have a presence in community broadcasting to maintain their language and culture and to build social cohesion in Australia’, said NEMBC President Dr Steen. 

‘This is also welcome news for members of new and emerging communities, especially those in regional and rural areas and for those stations in rural areas that would have been hit hardest by any cuts to ethnic funding’, said Dr Steen.

Though the announcement comes as a relief, the NEMBC notes the announced cuts of $8 million over 4 years to SBS, and echoes FECCA’s position as expressed by FECCA Chair Joe Caputo, ‘Information is key to enabling a truly multicultural Australia, and this reduction in funding for SBS undermines the Government’s commitment to multiculturalism and social cohesion’. 

Like FECCA, we are also disappointed to see the end of funding support for the National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples, an essential representative body for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

While there is good news for the community broadcasting sector in this budget, we need to ensure that in future budgets the Commission of Audit recommendations are seen as baseless and that community radio will continue to be funded. The NEMBC will keep you posted on this. 

For more information contact:

Dr Tangi Steen (NEMBC President) on 0481 013 717

5EBI 103.1 fm is located in the heart of Adelaide, South Australia and broadcasts a vast array of international music, world news, current affairs, plus much more, in dozens of languages, catering to South Australia's rich and diverse cultures.

Our coverage includes the entire Adelaide metropolitan area and the surrounding country region, plus we have links to multicultural radio stations interstate.

EBI Transmission

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The Autumn Edition


Winners  "Art in Diversity" Announced.

The winners for the 2014 "Art in Diversity 2014" were announced at the launch of the exhibition on the 2nd of May in the auditorium of 5EBI103.1fm.

The first prize, donated by the Rortary Adelaide West Club, was awarded to:

Angela Souter for her painting "Into the Mystic"

The second prize, sponsored  by 90 Mile Wines, was awarded to:

Alan Ramachandran for his watercolour " City Escape - North Adelaide"

The third prize, sponsored by 90 Mile Wines" was awarded to:

Alli Symons for her work "My World Australia - Land of Dry Lakes".

Highly Commended were

Henk de Weerd for "Wintergarden".

Lourdes Duenas- Blinco for " Coconuts for Sale in the Philipines"

Maxwell Magain for " Sunset Morning"

Swee Wah Yew for "At the Dumpling Shop"